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The first staking system within the NEAR ecosystem which incorporates intelligent burning mechanisms in order to increase the value, while having high detailed utility allowing for long term token and project stability.



The total circulating supply of $Dojo is 100million. 50% of the supply is only ever able to be produced through the staking of NFTs from the Kaizo Collection. The token rewards through staking are constant once staking is live. The remaining supply will be used to stabilise the price within the Liquidity Pool and to increase the value through a series of other measures.


The staking system will see a very significant investment initially injected into the Liquidity Pool.


staking structure and periods

Kaizo holders will have the ability to redeem their $Dojo that has been generated from staking every Friday. Any Kaizo Fighters that are unstaked during a weekly period will not receive any of their accumulated tokens and will therefore miss out.


- Kaizo Fighters: x tokens per day.

- Kaizo Sensei’s: x tokens per day. (Attainable through staking rewards)


With a final total supply of 3333 and the current planned token distribution rates outlined above… If all Kaizos were staked, then we would have a staking supply high enough to facilitate a long term stable staking system and token.



 The Kaizo collection will initially have 2 ranks: Fighters and Senseis, which generate $Dojo tokens at different rates.



Staking will provide a long term benefit for owning a Kaizo Fighter, in addition to encouraging others within the ecosystem to buy one in order to stake. $Dojo will be listed on ref finance, allowing our token to be cashed out for monetary gain.


Fighter Attribute Upgrades:


Use $Dojo to upgrade your fighter with additional attributes added to your NFT through our website tools. Kaizo


Training Camp:


The Kaizo training system allows you to exchange tokens and send your Kaizo Fighter to the mountains for a 4 day training camp. After the 4 days, they will return with a new rank of Sensai; unlocking additional $Dojo tokens per day.




Future implementation of burning mechanics to make the step from Fighters to Senseis, more on this to come in the future.


PvP Game Token Integration:


Integration within our PvP game, use $Dojo to settle scores within our wager system, or to enter future Kaizo tournaments.


Additional Utility:


The Kaizo $Dojo token utility will continuously be updated and assessed, as the token and the project continues to develop. The above is not an exhaustive list, and there are many additional things in the pipeline.

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