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Welcome to the year 2065.


$NEAR has since manifested itself into mainstream society, and now the top 1% settle their scores in the ring, with Kaizo robots. Human boxers, which have been replaced by... 3333 Kaizo Fighters.


The 3333 Kaizo Fighters that make up the Kaizo Fight Club all come with a specific set of skills and traits, which build their fight style and characteristics.



The Team


Kaizo Mike - Project Founder and Head of Operations/Planning.

Kaizo Kai - Project Founder and Game Lead.

Kaizo Jay - Project Founder and Community Development Lead.

Kaizo Pablo - Lead Developer, responsible for facilitating the mint, website and game development.

Kaizo Shujin - Head Discord Moderator.

Kaizo Hiro - Collection artist.

Kaizo Sushi - Head of front end game design, specialising in character creation, game mechanics, animation and marketing.

The Plan


Our plan as a team is to come to an emerging, exciting space and set the standard. We are more than just a PFP project. We will be implementing a PVP game, with the capacity to have on site wallets, in which players can wager, pink slip and more. Imagine the whole near community competing in tournaments for NEAR prizes, or your two favourite influencers in the space going at it to see who’s best! The possibilities are endless, and we want to take it all the way. There will be a more developed insight into this further in the document.



The roadmap


  • Release 1,750 Kaizo Fighters into the Near ecosystem.

  • Establish our community - set up Kaizo Fight Club (DAO) 

  • Listing / Sales bot 

  • Release mini game for holder testing

  • Release remaining 1,750 Kaizo Fighters into the Near ecosystem.

  • Release full pvp game and match wagering

  • Pink slips mode release (Kaizo NFT game wagering)

  • Release roadmap 2.0




Originally coming from the Solana space, the team sees NEAR and its associated communities as a breath of fresh air. During the development stage of the project from its inception, we had several detailed conversations with other project leads within the space; and they couldn’t have been more accommodating, welcoming, and helpful. This is something we have to be a part of and have big plans to establish out project amongst the other great emerging prospects within the NEAR ecosystem. Not only that, but the help we received from the already established projects within the NEAR ecosystem, has made us make it our goal to do similar things too in the future.

If you are reading this, we expect that you will already be in our discord. But if not, jump in, and let us prove to you that we mean business, and that it will be worth your time and investment, in order to come for the ride. We are here to stay.




We will be hosting our own mint through our own website, thanks to the assistance of our team of very talented developers. They will also be facilitating the growth and development of our PVP game and future endeavours going forward.


Price and Supply


The price and supply of this project will be:

- 5 NEAR

- 3333 Kaizo Fighters

In terms of price and supply, we have had several discussions with people within the community regarding this; we feel for our project goals and where we see this going, this is a more than sufficient starting point. We understand the current meta etc., but this project is not built strictly for the current meta… It is built as a strong foundation for the future of a project we see flourishing on the NEAR ecosystem especially with the game aspect. More Fighters means more variations, which means more competition. There might even be scope to expand the collection further, as the NEAR ecosystem grows with time!



At Kaizo we are about community and quality. As Near grows, we want to become part of that history here and we are working extremely hard to ensure; not only our projects long term success, but also the success of the NEAR ecosystem… Which is set to explode very soon, we have no doubts.

The refreshing and helpful nature of the NEAR ecosystem has put community building at the top of our priority list, whether that be our community, partnerships with other communities, or helping new projects build their own; we want to be at the epicentre of that.

We want our upcoming community to be well looked after, there will be a Fight Club DAO set up. With the goal of having an area for our holders to hang out, get to know each other and the space. But also to educate the community on how to trade and continue to make as much money as they can in this space, whether that be crypto trading, or NFTs. We want to establish a solid community as well as an Alpha group that brings value to all of our holders.



PvP Game


The Kaizo team is expanding every day. We currently have 2 very talented developers working full time on our PvP game, in addition to two artists helping with designs and graphics. There is no expense being spared, it will be the first of its kind on NEAR. Below you can see the start of workings on the game, and some of its early concepts. 




Think you’re getting good at the game? Go head to head with your friends, enemies and communities, to settle a score with your Kaizo Fighters. We will have in game wallet/deposit functions in place, in which you can set your stakes for the games. Be the best, and take as much NEAR; or tokens (shh, coming soon) as you can!


Pink Slips


This might be one element that is more familiar to the fifa players! Go head to head on our game, you and your opponent both put up one of your Kaizo’s, and whoever comes out victorious… takes them both!




Imagine a community night within our discord, or the whole of the near ecosystem taking part… Enter our in game tournaments, and take home a huge variety of prizes, NEAR, NFTs, pride? We want these to be regular and a huge community developer for our ecosystem!

NEAR Funding


We had several private meetings with NEAR representatives, in which we outlined our full scale plans for the project, including where we plan to take Kaizo Fighters. These meetings were very successful and we gained a lot of further beneficial insight into the NEAR ecosystem, making us as a team, even more motivated to become one of its most successful projects.

In addition to learning a lot, these discussions led to us receiving a Grant from the NEAR Foundation. Obviously this should go without saying, but in order to receive this; we had to provide a full Doxx to them. Which we hope further reaffirms our plans to establish ourselves long term within this ecosystem.




The outlined utility is what we have been planning and building for some time. There are many more things than this to come in the future, and as we develop, build and expand, they will be announced in due course. We have some huge additional utility planned for the future alongside our game, the game is not the end point. We want to be a top project, and we plan to be here for a long time.


Thanks for Reading,
Kaizo Fighters
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